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The way we educate is not working for the majority. Most people in the world today get the chance to go to school but come out at the end of it, not ready or capable of doing what is expected of them. They have access to school, but not to an education that is useful. The result is the squandered potential of millions of people and an ever-widening gap between those that benefit from their education and those that don’t.

In Kenya and in many other countries, investment in education is the top priority for most individuals, families and even Government. They see education as the way through which they can break the cycle of poverty and fulfil their potential. But why is it that despite all the investment and effort, young people leave school unprepared for the world of work and life?

We believe that the answer to this question lies in transforming the way education is organised and delivered, and that educators and education institutions are at the heart of this transformation. One great teacher or one great school can mean the world in people’s lives.

This is our mission as Verb Education; to help transform the way education is organised and delivered so that it works for the majority. We want to see a world where people reach their potential and countries where great teachers and schools are the norm rather than the exception.

I want to send my son to the nearest school and not the most expensive one. I want him to have the option of going to college here at home, without feeling that it could have been better if he’d gone abroad.

Mike Kipkorir Bill

Founder & C.E.O, Verb Education Ltd

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